We are happy to announce that we will now be carrying Bravecto! A 3 month flea and tick preventative. Please call the office for further information. You may also visit Bravecto’s website for more information.



The Holidays Season is Here!

Here are a few Safety tips for your pet


The holidays can be stressful not only for you, but for your four-legged family member as well. Here are some articles to help you prepare for the holiday season.
Keep Pets Safe During the Holidays
Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress

Thanksgiving Safety

The foods we find delicious at the dinner table for Thanksgiving may not necessarily agree with our cat or dog. Please read these articles on general safety as well as food safety during thanksgiving. If you have any further questions, or think your pet may have eaten something they should not have, call us.
10 Thanksgiving Safety Tips
Sneaky Pets and Harmful Foods

Christmas Safety

Christmas decorations look beautiful to us, but to our pets, they look like sparkly toys. Here are a few tips and hazards to keep away from our cats and dogs.
Holiday Health Hazards
Top 5 Holiday Dangers