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Summer is Almost Here!

It’s Outdoor Playtime and Pool Weather!dogtoothbrush

May is the perfect month for outdoor play! BBQs, swimming pools, you name it, everyone is out and about. It’s time to gear up for the summer and enjoy the family, especially the four-legged members! They’re going to want to play and swim too! Don’t forget to give your pets extra love and attention during Pet Week. They’re more than just a pet, they’re family. They warm our hearts when we’re sad or just need a boost to keep moving. Our pets always know how to make us laugh and keep us going. Keep in mind, during all these up coming sumemr activities, that some of our pets may not be ready for that dip in the pool, especially if this is their first summer with us! Maybe take them to a swim class or some more training to get used to those dog parks and more playtime at daycares to get that interaction with other pets! Also keep in mind as the summer approaches, so does the heat. Keep them safe with tips and tricks how how to keep them cool but also know how to spot when they may be overheated!

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