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October is Dental Month!

Healthy Pets are Happy Pets!

Does your pet have stinky breath? Do you shy away from their kisses that they’re constantly trying to give you?
It may be time for their teeth to be cleaned! Dental health is just as important for our pets as it is for us!
If you schedule a dental during October, you will receive $25 off the total procedure!
Our dental includes:
‒ Pre-surgical bloodwork health screening
‒ ECG and blood pressure monitoring during the procedure
‒ Full general anesthesia & intubation
‒ Full teeth scaling/polishing and tartar removal
‒ Sealant for the teeth to slow future tartar build up
An exam prior to the procedure may be required to determine if further dental services, such as tooth removal, may be needed. Please call the office with any questions and for pricing.
Thank you.

Halloween is creeping up! Some of us enjoy a good scare every now and then, and a majority of us love the candy, but our pets may not. They may want the delicious treats, but it’s not the best for them! Here are some halloween tips to help keep your pets comfy

Halloween Pet Tips

Dental Cleaning
Periodontal Disease