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February is National Dental Month!

Time for fresh breath and clean teeth! dogtoothbrush

We all want to smother our pets in kisses, but sometimes, when they want to return the favor, their breath can be stinky. It may be time for their teeth to be cleaned. Dental health is important for our four-legged family members too! Not only does it help with their breath but it can prevent other future health problems. Our dogs and cats can’t brush their teeth everyday like we can, so they rely on us to help them, whether we’re doing the brushing or giving them chews to help keep that tartar build up at bay! Call us for more information on dental health for your pet or to schedule your pet’s dental cleaning.

During National Dental Month, our office will offer $25 off the total procedure as well as a free gift! We want your pets to have fresh breath and healthy gums! Please contact us for more information regarding our dental procedure!
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