Pet Bathing Services

Whether you want your pet going home fresh and clean after a day at daycare, spending a few nights with us in boarding, or they just need a good bath, we can get them all cleaned up! Our HydroSurge® allows for a deep clean while giving your pet a water massage. We also have the ability to bathe your pet in any medicated shampoo for whatever reason deemed by a veterinarian. If you prefer to use your own shampoo, medicated or not, simply bring it with your pet and we’d be more than happy to bathe your pet in his or her special shampoo! If your pet has some extra hair or needs some extra fluffiness, our dryer kennels can help with that. Simply request a blow dry and brush out, and we’ll make sure we get your pet as sleek or fluffy as possible.

Please note: All pets must be fully vaccinated. Please see our vaccine requirements.