Kleinpeter Veterinary Boarding

Here at Kleinpeter Veterinary Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we are happy to provide you with boarding services for your pet. We have friendly, animal loving staff that will take great care of them while you are away and make your pet feel like they are part of our Kleinpeter family. We provide bedding and bowls in all of our boarding accommodations. Please call with any questions or concerns you may have about boarding your pet, especially if it will be their first time in a boarding facility. We will gladly answer your questions. We want your pet to be as comfortable as possible while they are with us.

We strongly suggest making your reservation for your pet’s stay with us as soon as you know the dates you will need or may need. Our boarding facility books up very quickly, especially for major holidays. We also ask that you give us at least a 24-hour notice of cancellation. We typically have a waiting list for holidays and summer weekends. Thank you.

We have a separate room for our feline friends to stay in. We allow each cat out individually into the room to roam about and climb the cat tower if they so choose. There is a large window in their room as well so they can look out and chatter at the birds that land in the area. They share this space with our resident cat, Jenny. She isn’t always out with them, but she doesn’t mind sharing her sunbathing time with other cats and kittens that come to visit.

What to Bring

Belongings: Every pet boarding has their own cubby for their belongings! We encourage you to bring a toy, food and treats that your pet likes. Please label your pet’s belongings. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate everyone’s personal bedding, blankets, or bowls as we have various types of our own that we have for your pet to use while here. Please leave these items safe at home.

Food and Treats: Please bring only enough food and treats that your pet will need for their stay. We appreciate if their food is premeasured and labeled with instructions. If you don’t bring food for your pet, we will gladly serve them Purina Veterinary Gastroenteric Diet, Chicken and Rice flavor. There is no additional fee for us to use our maintenance food.

Medication: Make sure you bring any medication that your pet needs. We advise that medications are kept in original containers, especially if they are from a different veterinary facility, so we can identify what your pet is currently taking in the event we need to address any questions or concerns the staff may have while your pet is boarding with us.

Leash Safety: Please keep your pet on a leash that they cannot slip out of at all times. We are not responsible for any injury that may occur if you bring your pet in unleashed. Not all pets are nice and friendly. If you have forgotten your leash, please ask to borrow one of our clinic leashes! We value your pet’s safety!

Required Vaccinations


  • Rabies vaccine — 1 yr. or 3 yr.
  • DA2PL-Parvo-Corona (8n1) vaccine — yearly
  • Bordetella — every 6 months
  • Canine Influenza — yearly


  • Rabies vaccine — 1 yr. or 3 yr.
  • FVRCP — yearly
  • Leukemia — yearly

Please note: If your pet needs any vaccinations updated, we can update what is needed at our veterinary hospital. If a rabies vaccination is required, the veterinarian must perform an exam. Please read our vaccination requirements or call with any questions.

Boarding Options


  • Deluxe Run: $38.00 per night, per dog
  • Indoor/Outdoor Run: $33.25 per night, per dog
  • Large Indoor: $24.50 per night, per dog
  • Medium Indoor: $22.25 per night, per dog
  • Small Indoor: $19.25 per night, per dog


  • Basic Condo: $22.25 per night
  • Cat Condo: $24.50 per night


  • Boarding: $18.75 per night
There will a $3.00 discount per night for any additional pet boarding in the same kennel.